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A Subsidiary of the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC

The Dayton Garment & Textile District offers micro-manufacturing services by our tested sewist as well as being an online Resource Directory of sewist, seamstresses, fabric makers, pattern makers, weavers, fabric dyers, beaders, embroiderers, unique fabric vendors and other textile related talent and busineses to build a community and networking registry of skilled sewn product talent...and yes, these are paid jobs!

Since its launch in 2013, the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC has helped area designers build their brand, establish their clientele, produce runway events, and create editorials. As designers have spread their wings and grown there has been one persistent struggle...manufacturing their lines! Designers are currently booked 8+ weeks out and need your help to ensure that they are equipped to meet the demands for their designs.

Our MICRO-MANUFACTURING offers sewing services for soft-goods designers at the rate of $12-15/hr… you design it, we will sew it! This initiative also benefits area fashion designers that currently produce custom goods for their clients.  This service will allow designers to increase production of their lines and grow their brands. We will also create an in-house line of products to sell, with proceeds used to fund this new sewing initiative partnership.

Coming Soon….

The DGTD will support ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT.  We will provide the equipment, tools, support infrastructure and studio space to support sewing and textile related businesses. We can help you start and grow your business!

Whether you are an employer looking for sewist, or a vendor looking to have something made, the Dayton Garment and Textile District, a subsidiary of (DE-FI) will help connect you to the skilled sewn artist that you need.

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 The Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator (DE-FI) LLC is a volunteer community Think Tank providing access for emerging designers, aspiring models, sewist, and textile makers into the fashion industry. 

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Coming March 2020: The DGTD Directory


Our directory is a carefully selected listing of top designers, stylist, sewing and textile related talent from around the Midwest. In keeping our commitment to quality vs. quantity, our handpicked community of talent is an eclectic showcase of the best in the business. Think of our directory as our little black book of fashion, sewing, and textile related talent!

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Our directory is a carefully selected listing of top design, sewing, and textile related talent across the Midwest! Be a part of the ultimate vendor affiliation in the industry!

Benefits of being listed in our exclusive directory include:

  • Brand association with the premiere online resource for design, styling, sewing, and textile related talent
  • Referrals from our team to our consumers seeking services
  • Opportunity to promote your business and service as a preferred vendor
  • Inclusion in our email list for exclusive jobs and networking event opportunities

For directory submissions please click here. Your inquiry will be warmly received by our vetting team and if you and/or your company exhibit the desired qualities: required skills, gorgeous work, desire to grow, you’ll be accepted into our directory! We look forward to the possibility of featuring you in our elite little black book.

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Rates: The first 90 days are free! After your free trial there will be a one-time upfront payment of $75 for a 12 month listing. Fill out the form below to begin the application process.

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Dayton Garment & Textile District

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